White Labeled URL Now Possible On IFAnow

White Labeled URL Now Possible On IFAnow

We are pleased to introduce White Labeled URL feature on IFAnow.

What does this mean?
It means that you, your team and your clients can now have a completely white labeled URL while accessing IFANOW.

The new access URL can now be: https://yourdomain.com or https://xyz.yourdomain.com instead of https://my-planner.in.

We hope this will give your clients more comfort and give your personal brand the right impetus it needs.

How does it work?
We install a separate SSL Certificate for you and point your domain or subdomain to our server.

What are the charges for the same?
Yearly Rs.3,500 + GST. White Labeled URL is now FREE.

I/We do not have a website? Is there any scope for customization in tat case?

Yes, In such a case you can have a custom subdomain. Read below.

We have a custom subdomain option too. Here’s how it works:
The access URL in this case will be https://YourSubDomain.my-planner.in.

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