Various updates on IFAnow

Various updates on IFAnow

Of late we’ve added a lot of updates to IFAnow, some big some small. Following is what we’ve added:

  • White labeled Android App launched (App Link). iOS to be launched soon.
    • Price Rs.5,000 for first year
  • New section added – All Clients. It is under Back Office. Features:
    • See list of all clients
    • Reset password
    • Add tags
    • Search by tags
    • Export client list
  • MF Auto Upload
    • Franklin Transaction File now supported for auto upload
  • Online Transaction section
    • Your login credentials are now automatically saved. So, no need to login again and again
  • Mutual Fund Summary/Capital Gains
    • Excel Output Option now added
  • Capital Gains Report
    • PDF output improved
  • Task Management
    • Ability to add Family Member as well
  • Billing & Invoicing
    • Invoices are now GST compliant
  • We’ve reduced pricing of our Billing & Invoicing module. Reduced it from 5% of invoice amount to fixed fee of Rs.5,000/year (upto billing of Rs.5,00,000)
  • Updated our demo video channel with latest videos. It is under Help section. Or watch it here
  • Several bugs and fixes taken care of

What we are currently working on:

  • iOS app
  • Integrated Reminders module
  • More refinements to goal tracker
  • More refinements to Mutual Fund reports
  • Better reporting on Files uploaded
  • Folio Master report
  • Life Insurance premium updation report

Apart from this, we’ve been doing a lots of stuff under the hood. Focus has been on bringing scalability and stability to the system as we grow in user base.

That’s it from us. Your feedback, suggestions are always welcome.

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