Save time with Interlinking of Sales Pipeline and Tasks

Save time with Interlinking of Sales Pipeline and Tasks

Your advisory practice is much more than just mutual fund transactions and reporting.

There are many more processes equally important. For instance, you may want to be on top of your critical Tasks assigned to your team, or ensure that your Action Plans outlined with your clients are on track, or for that matter your Sales Pipeline or Minutes of Meetings are under your control.

We understand that IFANOW’s Activity section is built to give you control over just that. Having built out these sections in isolation, we’re now taking it to the next level. Starting with allowing you to interlink Sales Pipeline and Task. Here’s how it works:

When you add a sales pipeline (e.g. Start SIP of 50,000 for client A), it is typically to track a sales opportunity. Now, once the client agrees to it, you may want to initiate some activities around it. E.g. if some investments need to be made in new MF folio then you may want to initiate the account opening process, do scheme selection etc. Our Task module is meant for such work only.

We now allow you to link a Task from within the Sales Pipeline tab itself. All the important info from the sales pipeline will be automatically added to the task. You can then assign due date to the task, assign it to your team and so on…

A similar task linkage is possible from the Maturities & Renewals section under  Activity section.

We’ve got a strong pipeline of new features lined up over the coming 2-3 months. Here’s a quick round up for the same:

  • Complete revamp of mobile app
    • Goal tracking facility
    • Online transaction facility
    • Advisor login facility
    • Revamped portfolio tracker
  • Self AUM Reconciliation tool
    • View all unmatched folios at once
    • Automatic updation of unmatched folios with a click of a button
  • Complete revamp of MF MIS section
    • Drill down option at category, sub category, client, applicant wise (like SIP)
    • Asset allocation report at client and AMC level
    • Open ended search capabilities (to give you the exact report you want)
  • Email notifications
    • Client Reminders is coming back
    • Team/Advisor notifications for tasks, sales pipeline, action plan etc.
    • Client notifications – birthdays, new client creation etc.
  • Cash flow projection statement
    • For advanced financial planners
    • Complete life cash flow planning with what if analysis at multiple level.
    • Gives you a great understanding of whether the client’s goals are achievable or not. Builds your conviction when advising your clients on critical matters.
  • BSE integration
  • Apart from this there are lots of refinements and bug fixes happening to existing modules on the fly.

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