Introducing Maturity & Renewal Reports

Introducing Maturity & Renewal Reports

fd_mf_insurance_maturity_renewalManaging various asset classes means more convenience to your clients and more income to you. But it also brings in more operational headache.

Imagine, you are dealing in corporate fixed deposits, life insurance, general insurance, mutual funds and so on.  Or you may have collated client data for financial planning.

Now, what if a large lumpsum is lying ideal in your client’s savings account because an FD or Insurance policy just matured? Isn’t that an opportunity to bring in that business under you? Critical data of these instruments currently resides in various excel sheets or worse still, in physical registers. Isn’t it? Tracking maturities and renewals can be a difficult task.

We’ve got some good news.

At IFAnow, up until now, we allowed you to maintain this data in a more systematic way. Taking this further, we now allow you to track maturities and renewals too.

Here’s whats now possible:

You can now track when these instruments are maturing. You can then decide what you’d like to do for each of these instruments. E.g.

  • Let’s say an FD worth Rs.5,00,000 is maturing for a client. You can now decide whether the FD should be reinvested in another FD or in MF or it should be redeemed.
  • Further, we have integrated our task management system with these reports. So, you can assign a task to your team member to take the matter forward
  • Additionally, you can decide if an e-mail notification should be sent to the client. You customize the frequency of these e-mail notifications from the admin settings panel

You can plan such activity for the whole month in advance so that you or your team members are well prepared.

This will help streamline your operations, bring in more business, increase efficiency, and give better visibility.

We currently allow such tracking for Fixed Deposits, Life Insurance, Bonds, Mutual Fund SIP, NSC/KVP, Recurring Deposits. You can soon expect General Insurance too.

You can find these reports in Planner Section > Activity > Maturity & Renewal

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