Introducing Goal Based Reminders

Introducing Goal Based Reminders

Mutual Fund SIP is a great way to create long term wealth. In recent times, there has been a lot of interest all around due to various factors (mutual fund sahi hai ūüôā ). On top of it,¬†a lot of IFA and RIA are doing a great job in promoting the same.¬†Most of them educate the clients about¬†using SIP as a route towards goal fulfillment.

To further this cause,  we are excited to bring an innovation in the personal finance industry. Up until now, a typical CRM software would send your clients reminders that a premium is due or an MF SIP is due etc. But we are taking it to the next level.

Your clients would now start receiving beautiful, goal-linked reminders. E.g. say you have suggested a client to start an SIP of Rs.15,000 in a scheme linked to a goal. Your clients will now receive emails which shows details of the goals too. This will create a great impact and they will be less likely to stop SIP in case markets start seeing a downwards trend.

See an example email below. This is an SIP reminder. Other reminders like (Life Insurance Premium due, FD maturity etc. will work similarly)



  1. What kind of reminders are supported?
    • Fixed Deposit maturity
    • Life Insurance premium due
    • Life insurance maturity
    • Company Fixed Deposit maturity
    • Post Office Fixed Deposit maturity
    • Recurring Deposit maturity
    • NSC/KVP maturity
    • MF SIP reminder
  2. Can I disable reminders for a particular client?
    • Yes, you can. Go to Client Section > Profile >¬†Reminder Settings. You can customize a lot of things here.
    • To manage reminders at global level, go to Settings > Reminder Settings.
  3. I have entered data for all clients, but the Financial Plan is not generated or goal allocation is not done. Can I still send reminders without goal allocation?
    • Yes, the software still sends out reminders with all relevant information except the¬†goal¬†linkage part.
  4. Is the email sent from my email ID?
    • Yes.

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