IFANOW new version updates (RELEASE NOTES)

IFANOW new version updates (RELEASE NOTES)

We are delighted to release IFANOW’s new version with lots of new features and refinements. Here’s a quick roundup of the same:

  • Self AUM Recon
    • Mutual fund transaction reporting is complex as sometime RTA data is missing in daily uploads, sometimes feeds are duplicate. The issue could be at RTA end or at our end too. The outcome of this is unmatched folios. With the launch of our new section, Data Operations, you have the control of doing the reconciliation on your own
    • It does this in 3 easy steps:
      • Finds all unmatched folios for you
      • Allows you to delete the unmatched folios and re-order the folio wise files automatically
      • Automatically uploads the folio files as soon as the file arrives in your inbox
    • To know more, we’ve written a blog (Click here) that explains this in detail.
  • Data Duplication
    • We have a new tab under Back Office>Data Operations>Data Duplications. At times, you do come across duplicate data from RTA which gets uploaded in the system. With this new feature, you will be able to view all such data at one place and quickly reconcile the same
  • Goal Tracker Notes
    • In Goal Tracker we have added Goal Notes which allows you to give advice to your clients for each goal separately. You have a choice to view or edit the Past Goal Notes. This also helps in future compliance, if the need arises
  • CAMS & Karvy Auto-upload
    • We have now increased the speed of uploading the transaction files from previously once a day to once every minute which ensures that the transactions are updated every minute for CAMS and Karvy as soon as they arrive in your inbox
  • Multi Asset View has PDF option in all tabs
    • In Multi Asset View, now you can download the PDF in all the Asset Segments. Earlier, you had this option only under MF
  • Asset Allocation Reports in MIS Section
    • Back Office>MIS Reports>Asset Allocation Reports: Under this section now you can view the asset allocation reports AMC wise or Client wise. You can drill down the reports till folio level
  • Mobile compatibility
    • Our Portal is now compatible on major mobiles devices

That’s it from us. We have lots of exciting new updates lined up in the coming weeks. Stay tuned

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