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New goal tracker launched. What’s new + Things to keep in mind

New goal tracker launched. What’s new + Things to keep in mind

Based on your feedback we have made a lot of changes to the goal tracker.

Here’s whats new:


  • Major UI revamp
  • Step up SIP option introduced. It’s under the gear icon
  • Asset allocation modification now simplified. Checkout the second tab under the gear icon
  • While linking mutual fund, you can see real time preview of savings required
  • Over allocation of MF and Stocks is now taken care of
  • Maturity values now shown next to current value in “Assets allocated to this goal” section
  • In case of multi year goals, you will see a year wise breakup and probable fulfilment of those individual years based on assets allocated
  • You can now add a personalized image for each goal. This will add an emotional touch, we hope
  • Drag and drop now checks if the maturity year of the asset is less than or equal to the goal year

Now, if you are an existing user and have already done some goal planning then there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

  • As mentioned above, we’ve made some changes to the core algorithm that calculates the saving required.
  • As such, there may be some minor changes to the savings required calculations. If you notice anything huge, do let us know. We’ll look into it immediately
  • For existing goals, the old asset allocation will run, unless you change it from the “Goal Asset Allocation” tab under the gear icon. If you wish to change the asset allocation, simply specify what you want it to be

That’s it from us. Please do give it a shot and let us know what you think.

Launch of Full-feature Back Office Reporting System

Launch of Full-feature Back Office Reporting System

We are excited to roll out IFAnow’s newest version. With this update we now have a Full-feature Back Office reporting, along with Financial Planning + CRM + Online Transactions.

That’s one more reason for you to migrate to IFAnow from your age old reporting tool.

What’s new?

  • Brand new report formats
    • Screenshots BELOW
  • Advanced filtering options for complete control
    • Eight new filters added
  • Client level widgets, column view customization
    • hide/unhide widgets at client level
    • reorder columns at client level
  • Highly optimized PDF Outputs
  • Exhaustive list of RTA File formats for upload
    • Transactions, Folio Master, SIP Master, AUM Reports
  • AUM reconciliation
  • MIS Reports
  • Family grouping
  • Manual Folio Mapping and Unmapping
  • Auto Upload (Re-launching Soon)

MF Overview IFAnow-min

MF Summary IFAnow-min

Unrealized Transactions-min