9 Free Tech Tools Successful Financial Advisors use. Which ones do You use?

9 Free Tech Tools Successful Financial Advisors use. Which ones do You use?

It is heartening to see Financial Advisors across the country opening up and embracing technology. I have been interacting with lots of advisors lately and my analysis is on the basis of these interactions. Some of them use quite a lot of tools while some of them use at least one or two.

Before you think it is only the young advisors or the ones who are tech savvy or the ones living in bigger metros who are embracing these tools, well – you’re mistaken.  I’ve seen advisors in tier 3 cities, both young and old using these tools effectively. 

What’s driving this behavior?

My analysis suggests the following reasons:

  • It helps them become more efficient
  • It helps them standardize processes
  • They are able to impress their clients
  • They like trying out new technology tools
  • It saves cost & time

Is it too late for me to start using them for my practice?

It’s never too late. Besides, these tools were never available until 2-3 years back. So, I encourage you start getting used to them at the earliest. 

Are these tools difficult to learn?

You need the right motivation and mindset to learn a new tool. If that’s there, then there is no stopping you. I put it this way: Do you have an option here? I don’t think so. Technology is something, you have to adopt. So go ahead, have a look at the tools below and promise yourself that you will use at least 3 of them over the next 2 weeks.

There are at least 30-40 such tools that come to my mind. But I will limit this post to talk about 9 tools that are commonly used and can create a big impact to your practice. 


What is it: Lets you create, send, and track email newsletters

Use case: Send blogs, interesting reads, links, news to your email list regularly (I use it)



What is it: Share files across machines

Use case: Client’s documents can be shared between team instead of emailing every time (I use it)



What is it: Syncs notes across machines

Use case: To-do’s can be easily synced across devices to manage them seamlessly (I use it)



What is it: Shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox

Use case: Get insights about your current clients or leads and get know them better (I use it)



What is it: Makes e-mail a more resourceful application

Use case: Set reminders after sending a mail that reminds you at a set date to follow-up (I don’t use it)



What is it: Lets you measure your website traffic and more

Use case: See what pages are most viewed by people. And work on those pages in future (I use it)

google analytics


What is it: An online password manager and form filler that makes web browsing easier and more secure.

Use case: Store all passwords of Software, E-mail IDs, R&T feeds etc. and easily access the same here (I plan to start using it)
last pass


What is it: Lets you make voice calls, video chat, messaging for free

Use case: Long plan presentations with clients in far off locations can be done for free (I use it) 



What is it: Lets you share your desktop with others remotely

Use case: Long plan presentations with clients in far off locations can be done for free (I use it)


Are there any tools that you use and have found very helpful. Do share in the comment section below.

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